Monday, August 25, 2014

"Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time!"

People who find the British embassy’s tweet offensive gets offended way too easily.  

The US and Britain have arguably one of the strongest alliances in the history of alliances, despite our declaring independence from them. them burning down the White House, and the two wars we fought against each other.  So the Redcoats burned down the White House - so what?  That was 200 years ago!  As Seinfeld’s Kramer would say “it’s all water near a bridge” now…

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
When my boss sends me on an errand, I treat myself to lunch!

When my boss sends me on an errand, I treat myself to lunch!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

There’s an analogy to be made between people who are crossing the border to the US illegally and people who board @metrolosangeles buses through the back door (which is not supposed to be allowed).  Neither want to go through the correct procedure of gaining entrance, both want to cut in front of other people who are going through the process correctly, and both have figured the benefits of entering through the back door (figuratively and literally) outweigh the risks.  Obviously, the risk of physical harm is greater for those making the trek across deserts but I’ve seen doors slam on people trying to board through the back of the bus and a few of them even get stuck in the doors.

And while you may say “what’s the big deal about people boarding the bus from the back?”, I bring up a couple of issues.  One, the bus system is collecting less revenue - some people have passes so maybe it wouldn’t make a difference there, but others don’t.  They are not paying the $1.50 that everyone else has to pay.  And two, they take up seats that would otherwise be filled by people who boarded the bus properly.  Worse yet, the bus gets so filled that the driver doesn’t pick up any new passengers but people still scamper in through the back.

I wouldn’t say cheaters don’t win, because clearly, they sometimes do…

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Speaking about using your words (wisely), how about LA Mayor Eric Garcetti who dropped the f-word in the victory rally for the LA Kings on Monday?  He claims it was unscripted - I don’t know about that, but I don’t think it was necessarily spontaneous.  If you are invited to an event like this, and presumably will be asked to say a few words, I assume you would have some idea of what you will say.  And the fact that he prefaced the word with saying the two things politicians shouldn’t do shows that it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, off the cuff remark.

Also, it doesn’t even make sense.  Sure, Monday was an okay day, nice day for a parade and rally, but it wasn’t this great magical day.  Wouldn’t that have been Friday, when the Kings actually won the Stanley Cup?  Or when they won Game 4 or Game 7 of that series where they were down 0-3?  Or after Game 3 of the finals when they realized that they only needed to win 1 more game in 4 tries to win the whole thing?  Weren’t those greater days than the arbitrary day selected for the parade?

It’s not that I find the word that offensive - when you ride the @metrolosangeles bus or train, you’ll hear it at least once a day on average.  And he didn’t use the word in an obscene manner.  But nonetheless, he is an elected official and was speaking in an official capacity.  Just like I shouldn’t use profanity in my workplace, he shouldn’t either.  

I’m not saying he should apologize (apologies mean nothing if they aren’t heartfelt anyway) - especially not if he’s going to do the non-apologetic “I’m sorry that people got offended”.  He just needs to learn to use his words better.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
  • Coworker: That policy is retarded.
  • Me: Don't say retarded.
  • Coworker: I didn't say someone was retarded, I said something was retarded... stupid... Why can't I use the word?
  • Me: ... I don't know... just don't...
  • -- Coworker comes back a couple of minutes later.
  • Coworker: Why can't I use the word retarded?
  • Me: It's not politically correct.
  • Coworker: I don't care if it's not pc.
  • Me: Some people find it offensive.
  • Coworker: Do you find it offensive?
  • Me: No... I don't know... maybe... yeah, I guess. Just don't use the word.
  • -- Even when it was colloquially acceptable to use the word "retarded" like that, I don't think I ever did. It's quite jarring to hear someone say it (just like when you hear teens talk about how "gay" something is - I don't even think I know what that is supposed to mean).
  • Especially in the workplace - you're smart enough to find a different word. Use your words!